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Sigal Barzilay

Behavioral Parent Training

With every child born, a new parent is also born.

My mission is to help you become best parent possible to meet your needs and the needs of your child(ren).

Challenges we will work On together 

האתגרי שנפתור יחד
Screen Time

Another day of fighting over screens has come to an end, and you are frustrated that so much communication between you and your child is about access to screen time. In setting goals that are right for your family, we will find a way to implement change that will suit your child’s developmental needs.


It’s getting late and you realize that you are hesitant to tell your child that it is time for their bath, fearful of another tantrum. Perhaps you avoid asking your child to clean up their toys, because you want to avoid a meltdown, and instead, just do it yourself later. With a few changes that we can help you to implement, we can bring about significant changes to how your child responds to these potential frustrations leading to greater harmony in your relationship.

Developmental Challenges

Once again you get a bag back from school full of dirty clothes from toilet accidents. Or perhaps, every morning feels like a struggle when your child has a difficult time saying goodbye at school. Somehow, it seems that everyone else’s child has mastered potty training or the daily drop-off, but for you, things just feel really difficult. With a customized intervention tailored to you and your child, as well as supportive training, we can help overcome these challenges within a few weeks.

Sleep Habits

It is tough waking up after a disrupted night with one or two children in your bed. It is frustrating to have no time for yourself, often after finishing the day exhausted from simply trying to put your children to sleep. With a structured intervention suited to your own pace, we will help you make lasting improvements in sleep habits for your family that will last.

Behavioral parent training is focused and goal-driven but will also extend positively to other areas of your family’s life, leading to a much happier overall atmosphere in your home.

About Behavioral Parent Training

Short Term Intervention

Our behavioral approach allows for the implementation of changes that you will immediately notice within a few months.

Data-Based Intervention

The behavioral approach combines observation and measurement of behavior that will allow clarity about behavior before and after implementing the behavioral plan we develop together. That way, you can see the positive changes being made every week.

Custom Made Intervention

For different children, similar behaviors can serve different purposes or have different meanings. To better understand triggers of your child’s behavior, we will collect data from your daily life and create a personalized behavioral plan that best suits you and your child.

Setting Clear Goals

We will begin with setting goals, clarifying priorities, and determining what outcomes will be considered a success for you and your family.

הגישה ההנהגותית

My Mission

With every child who is born, a parent is born as well. Not only is this true when we have our first child, but we may also find ourselves struggling with parenting of a younger sibling. Something that went smoothly with one child may not happen as easily with another. My mission is to empower you as a parent to feel that you have control and are equipped with the right tools to become the best parent you can to fit your needs and the needs of your children.


about me

My Experience

A counselor and behavioral therapist with 10 years of experience working with pre-school and elementary aged children and their parents. BCBA (board certified behavioral therapist).


A master’s degree in educational counseling with specialization in early childhood from Tel Aviv University, Israel. A bachelor’s degree in psychology from Bar-Ilan University, Israel.


Married and mother to a 15 years old, a 11 years old and a 6 years old. Relocated to the East coast from Israel in 2017 and working with families all over the globe. As to your preference sessions can be held in English or Hebrew.

קצת על עצמי

How It Works

Online Sessions

The last few years have provided us with strong evidence that online interventions can be extremely effective, convenient, time-saving, and allow for clear communication. Online sessions mean that you will not need to leave work in the middle of a day or have to find a babysitter. Our meetings will take place at a time that suits you.

The Process We Will Go Through

Following a few initial sessions of getting to know each other and collecting data, we will begin to implement the intervention plan together, striving to reach its goals. We will communicate to monitor progress and adjust the intervention plan as needed.

The Data Will Show The Progress You Have Made

At the end of the parent training process, you will receive a report detailing the changes that you have achieved during the time we worked together. With the help of data and graphs you will be able to get an impression of the changes that have been implemented.

איך זה עובד?

How lucky I was to turn to you as soon as things started to get messed up with our third child's sleep! I could not believe that even after two children there are such little things that can make a huge difference!

Y. from the West Coast, Mother to a 12 months old

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